Statewide Advertising Network

Whether it's placing your display in 1, or all 47 newspapers, we can do it all for you.

National Advertising

We can place your national display in one or multiple papers through our one order, one bill, one check system.

2X2 Display Network

31 newspapers reach over 200,000 households in Utah... weekly (also available out of state)



Statewide Press release Service

News releases are an excellent way to establish a business presence in the marketplace. Whether you have a new product or just opening, take advantage of this service to promote your business.

Utah Newsearch

It's like having a personal research team, only faster, at a fraction of the cost. You have full access 24/7 to the finest newspapers in Utah. You can also save and print your searches.

Classified Line Ad Network

32 Newspapers reach over 340,000 households in Utah...weekly. (also available out of state)